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A Behavior Assessment Is A Good Starting Point

A Behavior Assessment Is A Good Starting Point

Parents who suddenly find they have a child with Behavior problems often do not know where to start. They know that there is an issue but they may not pinpoint the root cause. Child Behavior Center of Poinciana Florida can help.

Pediatricians can be a great help in pinpointing certain issues. For example, a hearing or vision test can determine if a child’s behavior can be completely or partially addressed with hearing aids or eyeglasses. However, usually, a referral is given to a neurologist to rule out neurological issues first, who decides if they should be referred to another specialist, or what types of therapies best serve the child’s needs.

Various therapies can be used, and this is where a Behavior Assessment from a Trained Behavior Analyst comes into play. The goal of behavior therapy is to change undesirable behaviors to those that are desirable. A behavior Assessment pinpoints the root issues that will determine the types of therapies that can help modify behavior. Childhood Behavior Center Of Poinciana Florida offers the following therapies to assist parents in minimizing unacceptable behavior:

· ABA Therapy

· Counseling

· Social Skills Training

· Restroom Training

· Physical Therapy

· Speech Therapy

· Occupational Therapy

Subsequent articles will delve into the specifics of each therapy or training.

Childhood Behavior Center of Poinciana FL serves multiple counties In Florida. Our hub is located in Osceola County with the Polk County border just a few miles away. However, we also serve Orange County, Seminole County, and Brevard County.

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